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Three major sterilization processes of beverage machinery

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The whole beverage machinery adopts advanced technologies such as human-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer program control, inverter control, etc. It has high-temperature alarm for materials, low-temperature shutdown and automatic backflow, automatic control of the cap supply system, no caps without bottles, and waiting for lack of bottles. Automatic detection of filling temperature and shutdown function for lack of cover. The three major sterilization processes of the filling production line are:


1. When the material is cooled to 85-95℃, the filling is carried out. The filling is completed at high temperature, and the material is kept at a high temperature for a certain period of time to ensure the sterilization effect.

2. Use the remaining temperature of the filling to sterilize the bottle cap.

3. After the tea juice is prepared, it is sterilized with a sterilizer after a high temperature transient.

Beverage machinery is the main equipment for beverage production, and its key component PLL affects the efficiency of the beverage production process. With the continuous advancement of high-tempo life, the beverage industry has developed rapidly. Fruit juice beverages, carbonated beverages, milk-containing beverages, bottled water, tea beverages and other varieties are continuously enriched. The continuous demand for products has caused the demand for equipment production to continue to increase. . With the characteristics of reasonable structure, advanced technology, convenient operation and wide application range, it is an ideal production line unit for small and medium-sized beverage manufacturers.