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About the operating mode and advantages and disadvantages of the blow molding machine

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Blow molding machine is a kind of equipment that makes plastic particles into hollow containers through blow molding process. Mainly divided into two-step blow molding machine and one-step blow molding machine. Let's briefly understand some of the operating modes, advantages and disadvantages of these two blow molding machines.


Operation mode

Two-step method: The two-step blow molding machine consists of two independent machines to complete the processes of injection molding and heating blow molding. First, the raw material is heated and injected into a tube blank by an injection molding machine. In this link, the bottle head part of the tube blank includes the bottle mouth and the thread has been formed, and then the tube blank is transferred manually, and the tube blank is heated and adjusted to the ideal processing The temperature is then sent to the bottle blowing machine to blow the bottle body part.

One-step method: The injection and blow molding steps of the one-step blow molding machine can be completed by only one machine without manual transfer. According to the model, it can be further divided into three-station and two-station one-step blow molding machines . The functions of the three stations are injection, blow molding, and bottle removal. The three stations can operate at the same time, and the second station lacks bottle removal and cooling stations.


Pros and cons

The advantages of the two-step method are simple equipment, low investment, and small enterprises with insufficient funds can choose to reduce the cost of injection machinery by purchasing preforms. It is flexible and can be adjusted during the production process. The mold cost is low, and the variety is developed quickly. The disadvantage is that the storage time of the preform affects the quality of the bottle blowing, so the product identity is not guaranteed, and the mid-transit storage link is easy to be contaminated with bacteria.

The advantages of the one-step method are: high degree of automation, good blowing effect, stable quality, uniform wall thickness, and good barrier performance. The cost is low, and the cost of repeated heating, transportation, storage, etc. is omitted, and the preform is also prevented from improper storage resulting in an increase in water content and a decrease in the quality of the finished product. Moreover, the entire production process does not require manual contact, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, mostly with three-station models. The disadvantage is that the equipment investment is large, the mold is more complicated, and the system configuration requirements are high, and it is not suitable for the production of large-scale products.