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How is the soy sauce vinegar filling equipment filled?

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According to the measurement method, the soy sauce vinegar filling equipment can be filled by weighing and volumetric filling. The weighing method is a filling method that was only applied in the 1980s and requires computer-assisted operation. During the filling process, the strain load element installed on the workbench will accurately sense the change of the liquid quality, and complete the quantitative filling by controlling the flow rate and time of the liquid material. Quantitative packaging is carried out according to the quality of the product. Specifically, it can be divided into two methods: quantitative first and then filling, and quantitative and filling are carried out simultaneously. Quantitative before filling is to complete the weighing before filling, and the synchronous method is to complete the weighing during the filling process, which has higher production efficiency. At present, most enterprises adopt the quantitative synchronization method.

The volume filling method is to complete quantitative packaging by controlling the volume of the liquid. Common methods include diaphragm volume filling, piston volume filling, fixed liquid level filling using liquid level sensors, and fixed flow and flow rate. Timed filling, etc. Diaphragm volumetric filling is to use a flexible undulating diaphragm under the action of pressure gas to pump the liquid material from the liquid storage tank to the filling chamber, and then inject it into the packaging container. This method has higher precision and faster filling speed. Steep materials are more hygienic. Piston volumetric filling is quantitatively filled by a piston pump, and the filling pressure is provided by the pump, which is suitable for filling materials with high viscosity. Fixed-level filling is to use sensors to detect the level of the filling material to quantitatively control the filling process. Timed filling is to complete the quantitative control of filling by controlling the time of liquid material flow under the condition that the flow and speed are kept constant.