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Functional characteristics of soy sauce vinegar filling equipment 

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The traditional medium and low-grade soy sauce vinegar filling equipment has many defects, especially in terms of accuracy, anti-drip, anti-oxidation of liquid, equipment material, automatic electronic equipment and so on. With the continuous development of science and technology, filling machines that can be applied to alcohol, high-quality oils, soy sauce vinegar, and daily chemical products have appeared.

This filling machine has the following features:

1. Linear bottle in and out For special-shaped bottles, automatic filling can still be achieved better. There is no need to change accessories to change the bottle type, just simple adjustment.

2. The combination of measuring cup measurement and computer adjustment not only guarantees the traditional stability of measuring cup measurement, but also realizes the convenience and speed of computer adjustment of filling volume.

3. Accurate bottle mouth positioning and good combination with filling head soft landing and single head control system. As long as there is a space of 1-2 mm, the filling can be achieved without touching the bottle mouth.

4. Dive into the lift type, filling on the liquid surface. This design is designed for a certain concentration of liquid that is easy to foam. Before filling, the filling head is inserted into the bottom of the bottle to start the filling valve to start filling. At the same time, the filling head is slowly lifted while filling, which solves the foaming phenomenon and reduces the oxidation of oils and fats.

5. Mechanical anti-drip combined with vacuum anti-drip. If there is dripping phenomenon after filling of edible oil and other products, it will hinder the next process of packaging. After the filling is completed, the vacuum pump is turned on, on the one hand, a small amount of foam near the bottle mouth is sucked away, and on the other hand, the anti-drip problem is carried out to the end. Solve the problem of filling industry - dripping phenomenon.

6. Stable control system. The control system of the soy sauce vinegar filling equipment , small components such as solenoid valves or relays, all use accessories from well-known companies, which greatly improves the service life of the control system.