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Five points for safe operation of bottled water filling machines

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When we use the bottled water filling machine, we must pay attention to the standardization of operation, so as to ensure the safety of production. In order to operate safely, it is necessary to follow the operating procedures. So, in the operation, we should pay attention to what aspects of the problem? This is the question I want to introduce to you today.

  1. In the process of using the bottled water filling machine, if the injection nozzle overflows, press the safety emergency stop switch to ensure the neatness of the workshop.

  2. The filling machine is set without power supply, and the normal gas source is 4-6kg.

  3. When dismantling and washing the filling machine, do not directly wash the body with water.

  4. When the cylinder ejection cannot be returned due to improper operation, please press this button to reset it.

  5. The circuit of the filling machine is simple and should not be plugged or unplugged arbitrarily.

The above five aspects are the five points that we should pay attention to when we operate the bottled water filling machine. Paying attention to these aspects can ensure the safety of use.