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What are the main characteristics of tea beverage machinery

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Features of Tea Beverage Mechanical Filling Machine:


1. The tea beverage machinery adopts advanced man-machine interface automatic control technology or frequency conversion speed regulation system, and the key electrical components are products of internationally renowned merchants.

2. It adopts hanging bottle mouth type, which is convenient to change the bottle type.

3. Equipped with constant temperature circulation system, automatic temperature control and automatic return flow.

4. Spring-type flushing pliers, the empty bottle is automatically turned 180 degrees with the track, and the internal and external flushing is two, with high flushing efficiency.

5. Pressure-type filling liquid level positioning, accurate quantitative.

6. The magnetic twist capping head ensures that the cap will not be damaged when screwed tightly.

7. The tea beverage machinery adopts the filling head to move up and down, and the bottle runs on the same level to ensure the stability of the bottle in and out.

8. The mechanical noise of tea beverages is low, which is comparable to that of international counterparts.