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How to Fill Carbonated Soft Drinks ?

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The First Filling:
Advanced technology, suitable for large-scale beverage factory. Early operation is to a certain percentage of syrup and treated water added to the secondary ingredients tank mixing evenly, and then by cooling, carbonation after filling. Need a large volume of secondary ingredients tank, and health is difficult to ensure that for a large continuous production line to take more quantitative mixing: the treatment of water and blending syrup to a certain percentage for continuous mixing, into the carbonated gas after filling. Often in the mixer with a cooler or cooling carbonizer. At present, more synchronous electric mixer is used.
Advantages: the proportion of syrup and water is accurate, filling capacity easy to control; when the filling capacity changes, do not need to change the proportion of product quality consistent; filling syrup and water temperature consistent, less bubbles, CO2 gas content Easy to control and stability; product quality and stability, gas content of the foot, the production speed. Disadvantages are not suitable for fruit with carbonated beverages, complex equipment, mixer and syrup contact, washing and disinfection is not convenient.
The Second Filling:
Simple equipment, less investment, suitable for small and medium-sized beverage factory
From the health point of view, the secondary filling is easy to ensure product hygiene; due to the different syrup and carbonic acid temperature, in the syrup filled with carbonated water is easy to produce large amounts of foam, resulting in CO2 loss and filling capacity. Can be taken before the syrup filling through cooling. Since the syrup is not carbonated and mixed with carbonated water, the gas content is reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to make the carbonated water content higher than the expected gas content of the finished product. Such as syrup and carbonated water ratio of 1: 4. Finished product gas content of 3 times the volume, the carbonated water content of 3 × 5/4 = 3.75 times the volume.
The use of secondary filling, syrup quantitative filling, and carbonated water filling capacity due to the capacity of the bottle is inconsistent, or after filling the liquid level inconsistent and difficult to accurately, so that the quality of the finished product is different Large secondary filling equipment After filling the sealing device, turn the mixing mixer to mix the syrup and the carbonated water.
Combination of Filling:
Especially flesh carbonated beverages in accordance with the general one filling method of the machine, when filling with meat juice carbonated drinks, in the tuning machine installed a bypass, so that the proportion of pumped syrup into another A line and not mixed with water, directly into the end of the mixer, the use of pumps and control system to mix it with carbonated water, and then filling the general one filling method combination of the machine, after the mixer to join a bypass , Using an injection mixer for cooling carbonation, and then filling.
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