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Common conditions and solutions for wine filling machines

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Common conditions and solutions for wine filling machines

1. The wine filling machine should regularly check the moving parts and smoothness, and add smoothing oil at any time.

2. The staff of each shift should clean up the foreign matter on the end face of the horizontal heat-sealed copper block in time to prevent scaling. Otherwise, it is easy to cause that the thermal conductivity does not decrease, the temperature of the copper block rises, and the heat sealing and bag cutting of the transverse heat sealing are abnormal.

3. When any abnormality is found in the filling machine, the power supply should be cut off in time, and it can be reused after cleaning.

4. When the wine filling machine is shut down, the residual liquid in the pipeline should be removed in time. Otherwise, if the residual liquid deteriorates, it will affect the quality of the next shift. When necessary, use a plastic tube to use a drop brush, and clean the machine in time to keep it dry and tidy.

5. The dripping of the filling machine may be caused by the dirty inner and outer tubes when the syringe is assembled. The syringe needs to be removed and cleaned or replaced with a new one.

6. The cause of oil leakage may also be corrosion or severe wear of the O-ring of the angle seat valve of the filling machine. This requires us to repair the O-ring.

7. The ball valve in the filling head may also be damaged or loose. At this point, we need to check the ball valve in the filling head. If the ball valve in the filling head is damaged, the ball valve needs to be replaced.

8. When liquid leaks from the liquid outlet at the lower end of the piston, the cylinder should be removed to replace the random sealing ring. But the local area needs to pay attention to the use of φ65×3.1 acid and alkali resistant sealing ring.