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CIP system CIP system

CIP is specially designed for the clean-up of beverage production line and filling equipment, with three cleaning sections of acid, alkali and heated water.

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  • Brand: U TECH
  • Product Description

The heating way for the cleaning liquid is auto-heating. The operating principle: set the cleaning temperature through the temperature controller to control the steam control valve's opening frequency to limit the steam amount making the cleaning liquid keep at needed temperature. All the tanks liquid level in the CIP system adopt the auto-alarm. It will be increased the concentrated acid and alkali through manually way when the cleaning liquid concentration reduced.The cleaning process transforming should be operated by the manually to change some relevant pipelines and valves. Workers should increase the water when the tank lack of water.

Tank size1000L-10000L
CIP tank typeAlcali tank、acid tank、hot water、clean water tank、water recycle tank 
Cleaning recyclesSingle circuit、double circuits、three circuits、four circuits 
Heating methodCoil pipes inside、plate 、tubular 
Automatic types 
and charastics
1. Flow rate auto control; 2. Temperature auto control; 
3. Auto compensate the cip liquid level; 4. Auto compensate the liquid concentrate; 
5. Cleaning liquids auto transfer; 6.Auto alarm
1. Temperature auto control  2.Electrical control with manual operate the other matters.
Manual control1. Manual operate on the cleaning process