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25000BPH Water Filling Bottling Machine Production Line 25000BPH Water Filling Bottling Machine Production Line

General description
The filling mono-bloc works as follows: Bottles are fed from conveyor chain into the filling machine mono-bloc via star wheel. Bottle clamp installed on the rotary wheel of the rinse will grip bottle mouth and make a 180° turn along a guide track to face the bottle mouth downward. In designated section of the rinse, rinsing water will jet out from special nozzles to flush bottle inside wall. After rinsing and dripping, bottles gripped by bottle clamp will make another 180° turn along a guide track to resume bottle mouth facing up position. Clean bottles are discharged out of the rinse by a star wheel to feed the filler. After entering the filler, bottles are retained by neck supporting carrier plates, which are actuated by bottle carrier mechanism to raise them to engage wi

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  • Brand: U TECH
  • Model: CGF60-60-15
  • Product Description

Product Application

1.The water production line use direct connection technology between air conveyor and in-feeding star-wheel to substitute in-feeding screw and conveyor to ease the process of bottle-size-changing.

2. Neck-hanging technology is applied in bottle transportation of the automatic water filling machine. Instead of traditional star-wheel, we use neck-hanging gripper to make bottle-size-changing easily , without equipment height adjustment ,only arch board and star-wheel such little nylon parts need to be changed.

3. Specially-designed rinsing grippers which are made of stainless steel are firm and endurable, with no contact to screw part of the bottle to prevent second pollution in this automatic water filling machine.

4. Rapid gravity filling valve with high flow makes filling faster with accurate liquid level and without any liquid loss.

5. Splint of star-wheel using twist descending way to simplify the process of bottle-size-changing.

Main Features

1. The mineral water filling machine adpots advanced human-machine interface control. High quality international name brand key components.

2. Suspension bottle neck catcher structure allows the machine change the bottle type easily. By changing the valves, it also can be used as hot filling machine.

3. Spring type rinsing catcher can wash both inside and outside of the bottle.

4. High accuracy pressure water filling mechanism, ensure the height and quatity of the water filling.

5. Magnetic powered cap device ensures tightness and prevents damage of the caps.

6. Quiet, rotary cap unscrambler will not damage caps. Photoelectric sensor detect missing caps thus eliminating uncapped bottle spillage.

7. Built-in safeguard mechanism ensures the safety of operator and machine.

8. High efficient air clean filter system ensures high sanitary requirements.

9. Low overall machine noise.

Machine parameter

Washing heads60
Filling heads60
Capping heads15
suitable bottlePET bottle,plastic bottle
Diameter of bottle55-110mm
Height of bottle150-310mm
Suitable capPlastic screw cap
Main motor power7.5kw

Machine components