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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Dairy Filling Machinery

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It is important to properly assess your needs before purchasing a dairy filling machine. This will allow you to avoid impulse purchases that could compromise the development of your business. For example, a dairy filling equipment that only works at 10% of its capacity will hurt your working capital and may lead to bankruptcy.

In the following lines, we will present six factors to consider before buying the diary filling machine.


New or used

In some cases, it may be advantageous to consider the purchase of used equipment with lower acquisition costs. A good analysis of your needs will enlighten you in your decision.


Determine the longevity of your diary filling machine, especially when you make the decision to finance it, because the duration of a loan should never exceed the lifetime of the equipment. If you do not have the down payment needed for financing, leasing can be an attractive alternative.

Hidden fees

This is quite important for those entrepreneurs who are concerned with production cost. The purchase price is not the only variable to consider in terms of expenses. Other costs could come to inflate the bill such as transport costs, customs, installation, training, development, electricity, etc.

Area of installation

Your choice of the diary filling machine should be one that fits properly with the intended installation site. You need to ensure that your building is able to accommodate the diary filling equipment. Take the dimensions of the equipment and measure the maneuvering areas, check the weight as well as the bearing capacity of your floors, check the supply of water or electricity, etc. This is quite important to avoid any returns of your purchase which could attract more production costs.

Many companies skip this step and find themselves having to pay large sums of money to perform remedial work. For example, enlarge the opening of one or more doors or worse, increase the lift of the floors to support the weight of the equipment.


Buying equipment is one thing, making it work is another. You will probably have to train your employees and plan a break-in period. You need to ensure that you have the ability to put your employees through trainings on safe operation of the diary filling machine. In most cases, it is important to have a competent and trained operator.

Compliance with regulations

The diary filling machine you intend to acquire must comply with the regulations in force in the municipality. Validate with a service center in   the City of Gatineau to comply with the law.

Tax Credits and Tax Measures

Various tax credits and tax measures may apply when purchasing equipment; discuss it with your accountant.