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Common sense of storage of edible oil filling machine in rainy season

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Because it is rainy in summer, our edible oil filling machines are generally made of stainless steel, and there are certain requirements for maintenance and maintenance in summer. Here are a few points for you to briefly introduce. I hope you can use the edible oil filling machine with Certain help. 


1. The arrangement and arrangement in the workshop should ensure that the entry and exit of any machine are not affected by other machines. 

Second, should be parked in a dry room. If you have to park outdoors , you should choose a flat ground and cover it with wooden boards. Cover with a cloth cover after parking. 

3. Before long-term storage, the machinery must be maintained, repaired to damaged parts, and thoroughly cleaned to maintain a good technical state. 

Fourth, the mechanical fuel control lever should be placed in the idle position, and each lever should be placed in the neutral position. 

Anti-rust treatment. Before storage, the size of the peeling area of the anti-rust paint on the outer surface should be determined to determine whether to use the method of repainting or the method of repainting the whole machine. The working devices of construction machinery, such as the screed of the paver, the loader The rust prevention method for exposed metal parts is to apply butter. Precautions for long-term storage of construction machinery 

5. Storage of the engine. Drain the cooling water in the engine. Change engine oil. New oil is usually neutral and will not corrode the metal parts of the engine. Fill the fuel tank with diesel oil to prevent the fuel tank from rusting. Preservatives should also be added if conditions permit. During the shutdown period, the engine should be started once a month to make the machine run for a short distance, so that a new oil film can be established at the lubricating part of each part to prevent rust. It should be noted that the cooling water should be filled before starting, and the cooling water should be drained at the end. 

In fact, no matter what season it is, in the process of using and maintaining the edible oil filling machine , you need your careful and slow exploration of experience. I hope that through our introduction, it can be helpful in your future use.