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Automatic piston sauce filling machine

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Suitable filling much kinds of liquid and Viscosity materials, like oil,souce,laundry,Liquor,Detergent,Glass of water,tahini,peanut butter etc.

1. This Laundry Filling Machine  is a fully automatic and intelligent linear filling machine. It is programmed and controlled by micro-computer (PLC), photoelectric sensor and electric pneumatic control. Full color touch screen man-machine interface, the whole filling process through the touch screen on the device can complete the filling volume, filling head number setting and automatic filling, the process basically realizes a one-button operation.


2. filling valve lifting filling to reduce alcohol emission during low alcohol content liquid filling process, mainly applies to washing care solution, oral liquid, skin care liquid, disinfectant, foundation solution, antifreeze, shampoo, hair care liquid, hand washing liquid, eye washing liquid, nutrient solution, injection, pesticide, medicine, cleanse, shower gel, perfume. Edible oil, lubricating oil, rice wine, cooking wine, carved wine, wine and liquid filling of special industries, etc.


3. The whole machine is made of food grade stainless steel. It is high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant and meets the food hygiene standards.


4. The principle of self-flow filling is adopted to prevent liquid overflow. Anti-drip filling head ensures clean and hygienic filling process.


5. Linear transmission, easy to adjust, suitable for filling most bottles (especially special-shaped bottles).