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304SS water tank 304SS water tank

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  • Brand: U TECH
  • Model: UT-CG
  • Product Description
  • Technical Data Sheet

Most applicable for storage and mixing of all kinds of liquid products in dairy products, juice, beer and brew, chemistry, and biology engineering;

All material used is high quality sus304-2B  or SUS316L stainless steel, shell thicknessδ=3-4mm 
Structure feature: normal construction (single layer), cylindrical shape, triangle or cylinder legs.
Agitator types: without agitator; wing agitator; anchor type; 
propeller type; 
frame type;

Standard attachments:
a)  One air tight side manway; 
b)  Anti butterfly and dirt air vent;
c)  One PT100 thermometer, 
    temperature indication range 0~100℃;
d)  CIP cleaning ball;
e) Product inlet/outlet
f)  Discharge valve with union;
g) Adjustable legs   
h)  One sanitary sample valve;