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Starting a Spring Water Bottling Business? Here Are Some Top Tips to Get You Started

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There’s big money to be made from selling spring water. In recent years, there have been steadily growing concerns about the quality of tap water, and some reports have shown municipal water to contain alarmingly high levels of dangerous chemicals and bacteria. As a result of these reports, more and more people are turning to bottled water, in order to provide a safer, healthier drinking experience for both them and their family. Nature provides naturally mineralized and filtered water in the form of spring water. Spring water supports health and vitality over other sources of water because of these properties. If you’re considering starting a spring water beverage business, there’s never been a better time to get going. Top Tips for Starting a Spring Water Bottling Business.


Find the right source. The best water will inevitably be found far from industrial areas. It’s highly likely that it will be on someone else’s land, so you’ll need to arrange a long-term lease, allowing you to bottle the water legally at source.



Work out who you’re targeting. The spring water industry has a wide variety of target markets; from anxious parents, wanting to give their children top quality water, to health-conscious fitness enthusiasts. It’s important to ascertain who you want to sell to, in order to get your branding right.


Secure funding. If you want to be taken seriously as a supplier of quality spring water, you’ll need to invest in the right bottling and labeling machinery. Or you also can start bottling and labeling machinery on your own. To do this, you may require a bank loan or another form of funding. Check finances before proceeding, as this is a vital contributing factor to the success of your business.


Think about moving your product. You’ll need to have premises close to the spring water, to enable you to bottle the product. However, this is likely to be somewhere reasonably remote. As a result, you’ll need to think about transportation and getting the product to the stores in an efficient, timely manner.


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