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Selecting Reliable Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Manufacturers?India or China

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Advanced shrink sleeve labeling machines have the great demand in the whole world.They are widely used in liquid packing industry.China and India,as two leading markets of shrink sleeve labeling machine manufacturers,which to choose?It is a question for all the potential customers.Today we are going to see where to find the great and reliable shrink sleeve labeling machine manufacturers!
Automatic shrink sleeve label printing machines has the following features:
Materials: stainless steel and high quality aluminum alloy
Compact structure
No need to fasten feet bolts to ground, it can be moved flexibly
Shrinking film volume label frame: adjustable according to different volume label paper pipes from 5 to 10
Gear device can be adjusted conveniently without using tools, which makes it suitable for different bottles
Servo motor and high-delicacy photo-electricity from Japan make the cutting label precise
Applicable diameter of bottle body: 28 to 120mm
Applicable length of label: 30 to 250mm
Applicable thickness of label: 0.03 to 0.13mm
Of course,it is not enough to select the right shrink sleeve labeling machine manufacturers just by product itself.We should also see the shrink sleeve labeling machine market situation of this 2 countries.
China is a speedy developing country,shrink sleeve applicator manufacturers China consistently absorb the worldwide high-tech,and use them into the manufacturing process of shrink sleeve labeling machines.Now there are different types of shrink sleeve labeling machines in China,such as self-adhesive shrink sleeve labeling machines,double heads shrink sleeve labeling machines for pet water bottles and so on.
With too much words said out,did you clearly know where to choose a reliable shrink sleeve labeling machine manufacturers?If not,please pay more attention to UTECH Filling Machinery,which definitely will give you an excellent experience with quality shrink labeling machine and perfect after-sales service.