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Edible Oil Market Demand Drives the Development of Oil Filling Machine

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There is a research report by ‘Global Filling Equipment Market 2017-2021’ which gives an in-depth review and analysis of the market. This is done with a major focus on the emerging edible oil market trends and revenue. It also includes forecasts and up-to-date analysis of the various regions around the globe.

The steady growth of the oil filling machine manufacturing industry and the entire packaging efficiency has been found to come as a result of the increase in demand for edible oil.


Generally, the global filling equipment is categorized by this research into these 3 major segments thus:

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry

However, our focus is on the edible oil as it concerns the food and beverage industry.

Global oil filling machine market in the food and beverage industry

During 2010-2015 the global food and beverage market witnessed a significant growth rate.  The same momentum is predicted for the subsequent years. The food industry is a major player in the global food and beverage market and accounted for a major share in the 2015 global market.

Of particular interest is the edible oil market demand. With the growing consciousness towards health among individuals as well as urbanization, there is bound to be an increase in the consumption of food perceived to be healthier such as the edible oil. So far, this factor which gives rise to an increase in edible oil market demand has contributed so much to the rise in the sales of oil filling machines which are used in the packaging process of this product. The oil filling machine is just one of the liquid filling equipment utilized during the packaging process in the food and beverage industry. Other filling equipment includes the granular filling equipment, powder filling equipment, and the paste filling equipment.

There are different models of the oil filling machine. One of them is the SFRs which are suitable for containers which volume up to three liters. It is equipped with an output efficiency up to 50,000 units per hour.

There are also larger models which work well for those oval bottles and for containers with handles. For example, there is the SFL equipment which is most suitable with an output efficiency of up to 9,000 units per hour.

The SFL a relatively newer innovation which means that users are more placed to follow market trends and development. Rather than a completely new machine to equip themselves for the latest trend, the user is ideally placed to follow market developments, needing only to make a modest investment in molds.

Significant progress has been made so far by the SIPA Company in capping and labeling solutions. This is geared towards ensuring that customers get the optimal solution for their particular application. There has been some cooperation by the oil filling machine manufacturing giants in the industry to produce a smaller, cleaner, more economic - unit integration. This ensures the integrating production of the containers with filling, capping and further downstream operations into one line, edible oil producers can save on investments in bottle conveyor and storage systems, and ensure a higher level of product cleanliness as well as a low footprint on the factory floor.