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Brief introduction of soy sauce vinegar filling equipment

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Soy sauce vinegar filling equipment is a high-tech filling and sealing equipment, which is programmable and controlled by microcomputer ( PLC ), photoelectric sensor and pneumatic actuator. This machine is used for food, such as: juice, milk beverage, liquor, soy sauce, vinegar, grease, mineral water and other edible liquids as well as the filling of pesticide and chemical liquids. Accurate filling capacity, no bubbles, no dripping , suitable for filling various bottle caps and 25-9000ml bottle types (including special-shaped bottles).


First. Novel design

1. The machine is suitable for filling containers of different specifications, and the filling specifications can be switched within a few minutes.

2. Changing the filling specification does not need to add spare parts, just make adjustments to complete.

3. Users can choose the number of filling according to their own production capacity and specify the number of filling heads.

4. Touch-operated color screen, which can display production status, operating procedures, filling methods, etc.

5. Each canning head is equipped with a bottle-clamping device to ensure the accurate alignment of the filling material.

Second. Special filling method

1. The linear grouping method is adopted in the design to expand the filling function. Soy sauce vinegar filling equipment can effectively fill a variety of containers.

2. Choose a new pneumatic filling valve to ensure no leakage or drooling during the filling process.

3. PLC software support, realize the envisaged filling operation.

Third. Accurate measurement control

1. Use fixed runner parameters to control filling time and realize different metering filling.

2. The exact inflation time of the pneumatic valve can be set to 0.01 seconds. The measurement accuracy can be controlled within the ( +1% ) error range, reducing unnecessary material loss and improving the economic benefits of users.

3. The design of the filling head of each machine can be adjusted individually to achieve the consistency of filling measurement.

4. The soy sauce vinegar filling equipment is equipped with a counting program of bottle feeding, not filling, and not filling. Only when the number of bottles recorded by the counter is consistent with the set number of filling bottles, the counting can be carried out.

Fourth, two independent products --- pneumatic cap sorting and pneumatic capping

1. The capping machine and capping are pneumatic . There is no motor drive , and the pneumatic components are standard parts , so the equipment is easy to maintain , thereby prolonging the service life of the equipment .

2. By simply adjusting or changing some parts , the equipment can be applied to various specifications of bottle cap sorting and capping .

3. Soy sauce vinegar filling equipment saves energy consumption.